Aaron Bettles

Aaron is twenty two years old and grew up in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

He is extremely passionate about the AFL and wanted to be involved at the Elite level. As a result of this, Aaron began his search for the best pathway to the Elite Sports Science field.

After completing his Year 12 education in 2008, he then commenced his Three Year Bachelor Degree at Deakin Universities Burwood Campus which he completed in late 2011. Aaron chose the path of a University education as he felt that a general personal training education was not sufficient for his future goals.

During his three years at University, Aaron gained a real taste of the technical elements of Physical Education. He learned what was involved in order to improve sporting performance for any individual inspired to improve their health and well being. As a result Aaron has developed a core knowledge base in the field of  ‘Sports Science’.

Aaron has also been a Sports Trainer at East Ringwood Football Club where he attained skills in injury management, sports massage, taping and player support during games.

Aaron has personal goals to assist all individuals to be at their personal best, and even to become Elite in their field. And now he is a Personal Trainer at at Club Genesis in Ringwood. Aaron would like to encourage you to seek your personal best, especially in your health and fitness.

Please contact him now to commence your path to your personal best!